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Nurse 443 Week 1 Essay

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  • on August 21, 2015
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University of Phoenix Material

Evolution of Community and Public Health Nursing

Identify a minimum of 3 major events (or influences) in the evolution of community and public health nursing and describe how each event led to advancement of the field. For each event, describe the following:

Key health issues at the time
Perspectives and goals of community and public health nursing
Roles and functions of community and public health nursing
Community and public health partnerships at the time

      |Event or Influence:                                                                                                                         |
|Key health issues             |During the American Revolution, there were high rates of smallpox, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, typhus,   |
|                               |tuberculosis, malaria and infant mortality. Unsanitary conditions for soldiers that lead to death.           |
|Perspective/goals             |Community and public health’s major goal was improving sanitation in all communities. Prevent the spread of   |
|                               |diseases.                                                                                                     |
|Role/functions                 |The AMA developed a committee to take surveys on sanitation.                                                 |
|Health partnerships           |AMA, US Census, Government agencies                                                                           |
|How did this event (or influence) advance community and public health nursing? This event influenced awareness about vaccines, improve       |
|sanitation in the communities like sewage disposal, protection of water supply, sanitary measures and research on diseases.                 |
|Public health nurses are key members to provide key components of public health interventions including, well baby care, health education,   |
|screening, and immunization clinics,...

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