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Nt1110 Essay

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Introduction to Computer
Review Questions (chapter 1)

1. Which of the following is an example of a PC?
a. Colossus
c. 8088
d. von Neumann
The 8088 was an early model of PC powdered by the intergrated circuit.

2. Who is credited with the patent for the first computer?
a.   Eckert and Mauchly
b. Atanasoff
c. Microsoft
d. Intel
3. In the von Neuman architecture, what was two components make up the CPU?
a. Control unit
b. Processor
c. Arithmetic unit
d. memory
4.   What Technology alleviates the problem of the von Neumann bottlenect>
a. Cache
b. Main Memory
c. CPU
d. Hard Drive.
Cache memory, a special type of memory that resides on or in the processor.
5. Which of the following are groups within the von Neuman architecture?
a. Working Storage
b. Monitor
c. output devices
d. permanent storage
e. keyboard.
Monitors are just one type of output devices.   Keyboards are just one type input devices.  
6. What are the three main connections in a transistors?
a. Gate
b. N-type silicon
c. Source
d. Drain
e. conductor
The three main connectors in a transistor are the gate source drain.  
7.   Mosfet is most common typeof what electronic components.
a. vacuum tube
b. integrated circuit
d. transistor
The MOSFET is the most common of the transistor that takes the place of the vacuum tubes.  
8.   Approximately how many transistors are incorporated into today’s intel processor.
a. hundreds
b thousands
c. millions
d. Billions
9. What made the 8088 Intel CPUT special compared to its procedcessors?
a. 1MB address limit
b. 33 MHZ processor
c. 64KB address limit
d. 1MHZ processor
The 8088 Intel CPU could address 1MB of memory.   The 8088 processor ran at 4.77 MHZ.
10. What does Moore’s law?
a. Whatever can go wrong with computers will.
b. Processor performance doubles everyone and a half two years.
c. total computers memory doubles with each new computers
d.   Hard disks will fail.  
11.   Which two companies are...

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