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Understanding the BIOS and POST
The reason why it is necessary to use read-only memory (ROM) and not random-access memory (RAM) for BIOS is it can’t be written over. The reason why motherboard manufacturers use read-only memory (ROM) instead of random-access memory (RAM) is read-only memory (ROM) keeps its content even when the computer is shut off, also it can’t be changed by the user once read-only memory (ROM) is written on it can’t be changed
How do the POST beep codes make troubleshooting a computer start-up problem easier?   The Power-on Self-Test (POST) beep codes make troubleshooting a computer at start-up easier by sounding a series beeps. The Power-on Self-Test (POST) beeps you hear are the code. The Power-on Self-Test (POST) beep code let you know if the Power-on Self-Test (POST) has found something wrong with the startup of the computer. If The Power-on Self-Test (POST) finds something wrong you need to look up the Power-on Self-Test (POST) beep code by going to the motherboard manufacturer’s web site and look them up.
Why is the hard disk busy during a cold boot? The reason why the hard disk is busy during a cold start is the hard disk is busy loading the Operating System. It is also loading all of your system files.
How can you recover your system files from a failed BIOS update? Before you update your BIOS you should always backup you system files just in case something goes wrong with the BIOS update. If the primary system BIOS is damaged check and see if you motherboard has a dual BIOS chips. If your motherboard has dual BIOS switch to the secondary BIOS to access your computer. If you use the wrong Flash BIOS file to update your BIOS, or if the update process doesn’t finish, your system will not be able to start your computer. You will need to contact the system manufacture for service or purchase a replacement BIOS chip. Some BIOS contain MINI- BIOS that can be reinstalled from part of the chip. Systems with this feature have a jumper on...

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