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Nothing Lasts Forever Essay

  • Submitted by: Elvishaf
  • on August 18, 2015
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Nothing Lasts Forever
………Sidney Sheldon

From one of the world's bestselling authors comes a compelling
saga that readers will want to last forever. Centering around
three young women doctors, their loves, dreams, and unexpected
destinies, the story races from the life-and-death decisions of
the operating room to the tension-packed fireworks of a murder
What cannot be cured with medicaments is cured by the knife,
what the knife cannot cure is cured with the searing iron, and
whatever this cannot cure must be considered incurable.
There are three classes of human beings, men, women, and women

San Francisco, Spring 1995.
District Attorney Carl Andrews was in a fury. "What the hell is
going on here?" he demanded. "We have three doctors living
together and working at the same hospital. One of them almost
gets an entire hospital closed down, the second one kills a patient
for a million dollars, and the third one is murdered."
Andrews stopped to take a deep breath. "And they're all women!
Three goddam women doctors! The media is treating them like
They're all over the tube. 60 Minutes did a segment on them.
Barbara Walters did a special on them.
I can't pick up a newspaper or magazine without seeing their
pictures, or reading about them. Two to one, Hollywood is going
to make a movie about them, and theyll turn the bitches into some
kind of heroines! I wouldn't be surprised if the government put
their faces on postage stamps, like Presley. Well, by God, I won't
have it!" He slammed a fist down against the photograph of a
woman on the cover of lEme magazine. The caption read, "Dr.
Paige TaylorþAngel of Mercy or the Devil's Disciple?"
"Dr. Paige Taylor." The district attorney's voice was filled with
disgust. He turned to Gus Venable, his chief prosecuting

"I'm handing this trial over to you, Gus. I want a conviction.
Murder One.
The gas chamber."

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