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No Child Left Behind Essay

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  • on August 18, 2015
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No Child Left Behind Act: The Leading Cause of Academic Dishonesty (Revision)

There is a growing concern in educational institutions regarding academic dishonesty.   Realizing that in order to combat scholastic malfeasance by students, the source of the problem has to be identified.   Some scholars believe that a lack of morality is to blame.   Personally, I believe that a leading cause for academic dishonesty can be rooted in the good intentions of the federal government incepting the No Child Left Behind Act.   Moreover, to understand the occurrence of academic dishonesty, one must consider the factors that compel academic malfeasance:   incentive based teaching, inadequate and noncompetitive learning environment, and a contorted code of ethics cultivated through the compulsory education system.  

On the contrary, a general consensus tends to point to amorality as a primary cause of academic misconduct.   This is a sweeping generalization that implies Americans, for the most part have a corrupt code of ethics.   From the fundamental family institution, the responsibility of parents to nurture and shape a child’s moral compass has been compromised.   The thought that the youth of today is being cultivated to make indistinguishable right from wrong is alarming.   Rebekah Nathan reports that in 1993 a national study revealed that 83 percent of college students reported in engaging in some form of academic dishonesty (2005).   In translation, are the majority of students admittedly declaring that they possess a debauched conscience?   I do not believe that admitting to cheating in some form or other equates to moral corruption.   But what I do believe is that the statistics are symptomatic of a compromised institution that pressures our youth to resort to such dishonesty.  

In response to the growing number of children on public assistance and drop-out rates, the No Child Left Behind Act was put into effect by the federal government.   It provided education...

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