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Nike Essay

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Nike Case

From the case of Nike, we can found that they have make some excellent marketing strategies which include: celebrity endorsements, product diversification, technological innovation and cultural construction.
Firstly, Nike use the marketing strategy of celebrity endorsements to explain their marketing thought ---“pyramid of influence”. This is an obviously successful strategy to use top athletes as their spokespersons, attract audience, make the products well-known and build a strong brand, so that they can retain and expand market share.
Secondly, product diversification is another important strategy in Nike`s market operation. Originally, Nike only worked on basketball shoes, but then they present other products in succession, like golf and tennis sporting goods. Also, they step up promotion of football shoes, in order to cater to the increasing number of people who play football.
Thirdly, Nike pay much attention to new technology to update their products and build an effective network of relationship with their customers. For example, in recent years, people think a lot of their health, so Nike use some new technology in their products, that can allow products collecting customers` body data, further they can change their life style according to those data. In term of communication with customers, Nike`s exclusive make a partner ship with Apple. Nike+ hosted the human race 10K and it is already the largest and only global virtual race in the world.
Finally, Nike always focus on brand culture construction,from the beginning ,Nike found the spokesperson to match their Nike spirit ,and as a successful brand, it should have its own culture and slogan or some other signals that can represent the Nike feature ,this can make the brand to be strong enough on marketing for a very long time ,and make it not easy to fail.

All in all, Nike `s success is not an accident, their marketing strategies has made undeniable contribution.

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