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Nice Essay

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Below is an essay on "Nice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Background of the Study:
  1. What is the name of the business?
  2. Where is the address of the business?
  3. When was the business established?
  4. Who is the owner/s of the business?
  5. How much is the starting capital of the store?
  6. At present, how much is the average sales per day?
  7. At present, what is the average number of costumers per day?  
  8. How many days in a week is your business open? Is the business open during holiday?
  9. What is the total current number of employees?
      10                     20           30 40 Others: ____________
  10. What is the different task/s of your employees?
  11. Are you using a log book to keep track of your transaction?
  12. What are the common problems in your business? Especially, in sales and inventory?
  13. How many are your current suppliers?
      10                     20           30 40 Others: ____________
  14. How do you order from your suppliers?
  15. What are the different brands does your suppliers delivered?
  16. Do you have a supplier who supplies the same brand? In what particular categories and sub categories?
      YES                 NO                    
If YES, In what particular categories and sub categories?    
  17. At the present, what are your different categories and sub categories?

  18. Who is the...

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