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Nh Tech Essay

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  * Narayana Hrudayalaya, wants to create a robust IT platform to control the finance department and quality of services.
  * They are perhaps one of the few hospitals in the world where a balance sheet is created on a daily basis.
  * A sophisticated ERP system on a cloud solution houses all the financial details about all the group hospitals.
  * But its 2010 vision—to go from 5,000 beds to 30,000 beds in five years, making it India’s first private hospital group to operate at such a scale—was a challenge on a whole new level. They realized that to support a massive operation like that they would need IT infrastructure that was extremely scalable and robust.
  * Setting up and maintaining that IT infrastructure was not what Narayana Hrudayalaya specialized in; fixing HS (human systems) is a different ball game from fixing IS (information systems).
  * There were issues of building up and owning systems, being able to find skilled IT resources and retaining them. Moreover, if they built datacenters, either centralized or disparate, they would need to be backed up with a hot, real-time DR site. The upfront cost implications were huge, let alone the manageability issues. A conventional datacenter set up, whether at a centralized location or at every hospital, would have been a time consuming, tedious affair.
Rx Cloud 
They needed a solution that freed the hospital from the burden of building and running a datacenter; a solution that was scalable, agile, and allowed them to focus on the business of healthcare.
The cloud, it seemed, was just what the doctor prescribed.
  * In 2010, however, the idea was extremely forward-looking, especially for a healthcare player. On the plus side, they were fortunate they entered the market at a time when most cloud solution providers were developing the idea and were eager to partner and experiment. They chose to go with a private-hosted model with HCL’s blu Enterprise Cloud’s Infrastructure...

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