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Neutrality Essay

  • Submitted by: dmg808
  • on April 15, 2015
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Derek Matthew Gonzales
Period 5
Did claiming neutral work for the U.S. industries?

During the time period of 1803 to 1815, the Napoleonic War took place. This long-lasting war was a battle between Great Britain and France. These two nations fought for the power over Europe. During the war, the U.S was involved. They called themselves as “neutral”. America overall may not have benefited but the industries within the U.S. did. These industries made war supplies such as artillery and weapons which were then sold to the two fighting nations.
Initially, America benefited from the Napoleonic War because before the year 1807, when the blockades, Orders in Council and ships at sea attacks emerged, for a good four years the industries were able to have their goods sold to the French and British. It was great timing for these industries because both countries were in demand for more weapons and goods. This was good because if they kept fighting in this case continuing the war and they could keep having their goods sold.
In addition, it was also good for the American industries because America was France’s major source of supply. Suggesting that the U.S. were their major source of supply they probably paid more for their goods, benefiting the industries even more. Since they were getting paid more money, this was how American industries made a lot of money during the war between France and Britain. Great Britain looked to the U.S. as a source of supply also but had more suppliers than France did according to the text book (Exploring American History pg.286).
Moreover, the U.S. was France’s major source of supply, the British passed the Orders in Council. The Orders in Council were laws forbidding American ships to enter French controlled ports. The British most likely did this as an attempt to cut off the selling between the U.S. and France. They all probably did this because America was France’s major source of supply so if they couldn’t get there goods or...

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