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Neuroscience Essay

  • Submitted by: bizziemattie
  • on March 24, 2012
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Some areas in psychology have been subjects of postulations and hypothesis without sufficient evidence to back them up. One of such areas include the neurodevelopmental marker for limbic maldevelopment   in antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy, and also the association of violent video games and aggressive behaviors. It was found out in a study that the presence of a cavum septum pellucidum is strongly associated with antisocial personality disorders and psychopathy. The study proves to give sufficient reason to believe this which opens up the need for the early prevention of this maldevelopment. Another area is to test the hypothesis that violent video games predisposes to aggression and it was found that the high level of aggression in the society is in part inseparable from the widespread access to violent video games. It will therefore be helpful if such games are increasingly discouraged.

      The association of structural variations in the brain with some behavioral disorders is a relatively new field with little research done in this area. For a long time, these structural differences have been known to be a normal biologic variation but new studies are aiming at finding a relationship between this variations and behavioral patterns.
      Whether the presence of a rare cavity in the brain can explain antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy remains the substance of research but there seem to be few researches done in this area. It is therefore imperative to peruse the few studies done to see if there is substantial evidence to support this hypothesis.
Cavum Septum Pellucidum
      The septum pellucidum is a normal component in the human brain and is made up of two leaflets referred to as the septal laminae. The two leaflets when separated by a cavity, the cavity is...

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