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Neurology Essay

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A neurologist is a doctor that specializes in the nervous system and the study of the brain. Neurologists go through intensive training and are highly certified professionals. They are easily able to recognize symptoms of a nervous defect and by recognizing this they can establish possible causes and can pinpoint the exact location of the problem. After finding the problem, neurologists will then offer potential treatments. Throughout the day, a neurologist will examine patients, conduct exams, diagnose and treat neurological disease through rehabilitation, medicine, and physical therapy. Neurologists are not certified to conduct surgeries, but they attempt to treat neurologic disease through medication, rehabilitation and physical therapy.  
Neurology can be dated back to the times of B.C. In 460-379 B.C. Hippocrates stated that the brain is involved with sensation and is the seal of intelligence. By 280 B.C. Erasistratus of Chios noted the divisions of the brain. Finally, by ca,1000 Al-Zahrawi described several surgical treatments for neurological disorders.
The education required to become a neurologist is very time consuming but the salary is worth it once a student becomes certified. In order to be a neurologist, you must obtain a M.D. degree in neurology, complete a clinical residency and fellowship, and lastly pass the board certification test. This process can take anywhere from 10-13 years to complete. After being certified as a neurologist and the neurologist begins to work, the job may require more than 60 hours of work a week. The stress level of the work of a neurologist ranges from moderate to high.
Neurologist do have benefits with their job. They have a flexible schedule and this means that they can make time for family occasions, emergencies, and outside activities. Along with being a neurologist, there comes strong benefit packages, health and life insurances. They are also offered paid training opportunities to ensure that they are up to...

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