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Negative Impact of Internet Essay

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Below is an essay on "Negative Impact of Internet" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Your Name: Daniel Manalethu, Gurbir Dhaliwal, Katherine Bonifacio, Jordan Alvarez. ***CIRCLE YOUR NAME IF YOU ARE THE RECORDER***   Date 1/30/2015 Per. 2nd
Cooperative Learning Log
Pick Roles:
Roles: | Definitions: Every group member is expected to share their ideas, but each group member also has a special job to do during group work. | Group Member: (First & Last Name – print clearly) |
Reader | Reads the directions, and then reads the question aloud to the group. Shares group answers aloud with class. Reads the “final product” for the group so that the group can discuss and approve it before turning it in. |     1. Gurbir Dhaliwal |
On-Tasker | Makes sure that the group follows the steps for group work IN ORDER. Keeps everyone’s conversation focused on the assignment. |     2. Katherine Bonifacio |
Facilitator | Makes sure every member of the group shares their ideas equally.   If there is someone who is not sharing their ideas, asks that/those members what they think.   Gets materials, organizes and returns materials. |     3. Jordan Alvarez |
Recorderand | Writes the official “final product” to be turned in for group credit (all members get the same grade on it). |     4. Daniel Manalethu |
Researcher | Access sources of information, | |
5. READ! Reader reads each question aloud.
Did your reader do this?   Circle one:     YES                   NO
6. THINK! BEFORE you discuss it as a group, what is your idea?   Silently you, and everyone else in your group should answer the question.  
Did your on-tasker make sure everyone had worked on the question alone before sharing? YES or NO
7. SHARE!   Once everyone in your group has finished, the facilitator should start asking people to share their ideas about the question.
Did your facilitator do this? Circle one: YES NO
8. DECIDE!   As a group, you have to combine your ideas. Then make a decision—aloud, not written—as to what you should write.
Did your group make this decision aloud BEFORE...

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