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Natural Diversities - Whale Hunting Essay

  • Submitted by: jitterbug814
  • on March 24, 2012
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Natural Diversity Unit Culminating Task
History of the Issue:
Natural Systems
The ecozone I chose to present my issue on is the Atlantic Maritime. The three countries within the Atlantic Maritime ecozone are Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Surrounded by mixed-wood Acadian forests, sand dunes, and coastal islands, the Atlantic Maritime receives a precipitation of 1000mm per year inland and over 1400mm a year on the coast. Their average temperatures range from -4ºC in the winter to 17ºC in the summer. With all the precipitation happening year-round, the plants and vegetation of the Atlantic Maritime are able to grow very quickly. This results in numerous, colossal forests growing on the surface of this ecozone. With the help of the last ice age that occurred over 10,000 years ago, The Atlantic Maritime is able to adapt with the climate, merging its southern temperate vegetation with boreal forests creating what is now seen throughout the coast of the Atlantic Maritime, mixed-wood forests. The vegetation usually found within the forests consist of many types of conifers such as red spruce, black spruce, spruce, balsam, red pine, etc. Most of these mixed wood plains are usually a blend of the coniferous and deciduous vegetation. The Atlantic Maritimes are mostly flat and covered with hills and coastal plains. There are many various type of animals found on this ecozone. The most common animals found would be the white-tailed deer, moose, black bear, raccoon, striped skunk, bobcat, the blue whale and the eastern chipmunk.
Human Systems
There are around nine human factors affecting the ecozone of the Atlantic Maritimes, Whale watching/hunting, fishing, lobster fishing, lumbering, small village, historical site, navigation aid, small farm and tourism. The first three elements affecting the ecozone all have to do with fishing/hunting of an aquatic animal. This is the most important factor influencing the socio-economic development in the...

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