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Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: shellyle
  • on April 2, 2014
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Every . The outdoor classroom comes in different sizes and shapes and same as students learn the most important things and lessons from different ways
Firstly, involving the activities in the real world will enable students to experience real things. Learning in the classroom, students will be familiar with the hypothesis while they can experience real things outside. A friend of mine, for example, loves architecture badly. He read books and a lot of videos about accident architecture at class. However, he shared with me the feeling when he visit some places were so different from the feeling when he saw it in the picture. From the moment, he knew that choosing architecture was his major was a right decision.
Secondly, the world outside is vast and complicated. Students will discover many special things when they are the parts of it. To illustrate, I saw an article about a father and his girl who climbed to the Fanxiphang peak, a very high mountain’s peak. The father encouraged his girl to complete their journey. His girl learned a very special lesson, the lesson about never giving up. She found climbing too dangerous and never wanted to try. This lesson show that we could not learn at class
Last but not at least, we spend more time outside than inside our classroom. In average, we spend twelve years at school and four years in college while the rest of our life, we are outside of classroom. Lenin said “Learn, learn more, learn forever”. We are still learning but not at classroom. I had to use many years to learn and understand that how much my parents love me and learn how to work more effectively. Those most important lessons that I have never gain when I was a student inside the classroom.
To conclude, whenever we learn, we are also benefiting ourselves. The lessons of life are so valuable and worthy of trying to learn. However, the most important lesson of life somewhere outside the classroom. The outside society helps me to learn from my own...

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