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Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: keonhalley
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: English
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Keon Halley
Mr. Moore
English 110-06
February 11th 2015

My Brother
On March 24th 2010, I was scarred with the bittersweet passing of my brother who was seventeen years of age.   Bitter to know he was actually gone and we won’t share those precious moments anymore.   However, utterly sweet to know he doesn’t have to endure one more minute of pain and suffering.   He dramatically changed my life and it enraptures my heart to know that he is now at peace, healthy and looking down on me as I share his story.
In Anguilla the month of March is considered the sports month at the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive High School.   Everywhere you turn students are dressed up in yellow, pink, orange, maroon or purple representing their respective groups.   Team captains normally call random meetings throughout the month to work out their winning strategies for the year. One day a meeting was called and we reported to our various headquarters where the ranting and raving started.   Students become really competitive, intimidating one another on who is going to be the overall winner at the end of the event filled day.   Some of these events include track, long jump, high jump and javelin just to name a few.   Meanwhile, I happened to glance outside and to my surprise, I saw my brother walking through the courtyard with the school’s principal coming towards our meeting place.   They stepped inside and the principal said, “Keon Halley please pack your bag and be excused.”   At this point I’m wondering what could be so serious that I had to pack my bag and leave. Then suddenly I noticed my brother’s facial expression was one of sadness and grief. This immediately alerted me that something really bad had happened.   I repeatedly asked, “Kyron, what’s wrong?”   He was extremely choked up and couldn’t speak clearly, so I waited until we got into the car and then asked him again. He then wistfully replied, “Its Kerry, he is not doing well.”   I then confusingly asked, “What do you mean...

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