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My Vacation Essay

  • Submitted by: hanna23
  • on March 21, 2012
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Chapter 13

Summer is the time that many people, including myself, think about vacation and rest. Synonymous words with summer and vacation are warm weather, water, and beaches. When my family and I think of a summer vacation, our first choice is to travel somewhere new where we can explore and experience new things that were have not seen nor done before. As a young girl I am, and I have been fortunate to have parents who like to travel and that understand my interest for traveling. One of the most memorable vacations I remember I had was one where my family and I spent seven days on a cruise ship touring all around the Caribbean, it was our first time on a cruise ship, and the experience was worth it.
When I went to the Caribbean, the cruise ship vacation was very fast paced with endless activities to keep us entertained and although we tried to slow pace it, it was very hard due to the vast amount of activities that there are to do in such short amount of time. In the ship there was always something happening from the time we were awake until the time we went to sleep, and even then things were going on when we went to sleep that made us not want to sleep at all, which kept everyone alert at all times. There were so many activities that I can’t remember them all, but I do remember that some of them were playing golf (miniature golf on a deck), scaling a wall, and even ice skating (indoors of course), and surfing (indoors too, on a deck). If scaling or any of the others was and activity that you would want to do, you had an option whether you wanted to do it or not. You could play chest, listen to music or just read a book, but this was new to us therefore we tried everything we could do. Now, those are activities that we could only do when we were in the ship because once we got out, my goodness there were endless activities that one could do. Once we got in port, the passengers were encouraged to sing up for tours such as rainforest, climbing, walking and...

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