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My Mother Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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My Mother
Audrey Peterson

My mother is absolutely amazing. Three children were already born when I came into her life and she has done so much for each of us. She has never favored any one of us over the other, no matter if one does something great; she just shares the information with each of us.   My older siblings have moved around just as I have and she has supported each of us in our goals.   Each time I travelled home from deployments, permanent change of stations, or on regular leave, my mother was always waiting on me at the airport or ensured one of my siblings was.   We all had a key to the house in case of emergencies and for me, no matter how many miles I was, I too had a key.   She always found tons of opportunities for us to get together; birthdays, weekends, births, or just random little things for us to do.  
She encourages us with everything we do, and shows us we can do anything if we set our minds to it. Because of what she's shown me, I don't think I will ever be afraid of what the future may hold.   She always seems to have the right answers, and if I don't understand what she means the first time she finds a new way to explain it.   My mother has been my role model for finances and paying off bills.   When her and my pops decided to retire, their plan was in place way ahead of time.   They paid cash for the house, the cars they purchased, and are now living the dream they wanted in the mountains of New Mexico.  
She is an amazing cook, and that's not just coming from her family. Many comment on how good her food is. They know this because she loves to have people over for dinner, or parties, or just because. She is a great hostess, and she continues to cook for others even though it is just her and pops at the house now.   Each time I go home a celebration occurs, all my favorite dishes are prepared and many others she is trying on me.    
My mother is very easy-going, but I still show her respect no matter how old I am.   If something...

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