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My Litter Manifesto Essay

  • Submitted by: Hasanhaseeb1
  • on April 1, 2014
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In my manifesto, I have developed many ideas which in my perspective have an impact which will reduce the effect of litter by a further extent, even halving the amount of litter we have now. I have prepared a number of little action plans which will be fair on to the students and will be just as effective and if all this does come into play then by the end of this school year litter will be a thing of the past.

Primarily, we have to consider the fact that we can’t make any progress without actually changing the minds of the people who actually do the littering. Initially we will create posters which will be stuck up all around the school, advised in assemblies and handed to form tutors. All these resources will be provided myself. Also a catchy line will be needed for these A3 posters which I have already thought of myself. Examples of these are “It is not somebody else’s job to clean up after you” An image of this can be a boy saying how terrible it is how humans are polluting the earth while he leaves a line of candy wrappers behind himself. Another poster could be with statistics that this country has the leading number of litter occurrences compared to any other country in Europe.   “What will YOU do about it?” Finally on the same topic there could be a slightly more mature and thought provoking line. This line would say that “Do you manage to clean your own backside or do you let someone else do that for you?” This refers to the fact that do you put away you own litter or do you let someone else clean the surface of the Earth for you!

My next point is that the number of bins should be increased to around 50% more of the original amount. Often the reason for people littering is that they want to oppress against the school by littering and making the job harder for those cleaning up. Or it is the fact that they do not have access to a bin that is near them. I have often seen this in action that people are standing in their crowds but the bin was too far...

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