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My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: AniyahD
  • on March 22, 2012
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Jessica Threatt
College Essay

Tyler Perry is someone who influences me the most. He came from being a bum and living in his van to making plays and movies. He tells it just like it is. He’s so inspirational. Tyler Perry was living in his van with no money, and nowhere to go. Some how he got the strength to make something of himself. And he did. He is one of the world’s best producers, writer, and actor. He started making plays about an average person’s life and the struggles they face. He put a lot of humor in it but you got the message he was sending. He moved up to making his own movies. He is one person that anyone can look up to. He made it possible for anyone to become something in life. He influenced me because he helped me realize that no matter how low you are in life, you can still make it. No matter how many people tell you that you’re never going to amount to anything or that you’re not good enough, that you are good enough and you can become greater. Tyler Perry really helped me because there were times when I felt like giving up and I remembered some of the things he said and it changed my train of thought. It doesn’t matter what I’m going through, Tyler always know exactly what to say to help or change how I am feeling. I feel like he has a great influence on the younger generation. In all his movies or plays, he says positive things; things that he knows the younger generation will understand. He breaks things down so that no matter how old you are, you will be able to understand. Tyler Perry is a great man and he has a positive impact on the older and younger generations!

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