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My Hero Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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Heroic Deeds
  “Hero, a man or women of distinguished courage or ability, admired for brave deeds and noble qualities.” My grandfather is my hero. I admire him because did things with courage and principles. A hero is someone who inspires you to do great things. My grandfather is the one who inspire me whenever I face any difficulties.
  My grandfather’s determination has influenced me a lot. My grandfather- Jian Ling, was born and raised in the northeast of China. He was thin as well as small; he had bold and glowing eye. He always gave people a kind of faithful feeling because he usually dressed neatly. In my hometown, his family was wealthy. He was the only one in town who had a college education, then he met his wife at the same college. People from his hometown envy about his achievements, but people respect him as well. He had a great life and he was respect by people form the town.
  In 1979, Sino-Vietnamese border war was exploded. At the same time, my grandfather turned 36 years old. He started to encourage the new generation in his town to defend our territory. However, only a few people response to his call, because people did not have the proper cause to join the army. He wanted to lead as an example for the people in his town, especially the young people. He joined the army with determination and courage.
    After one month of training, he was assigned to a combat group. His combat group received a mission to cover headquarters at least four hours. However, they were considered as lost cause because they need to buy more time for the main group to retreat. The mission was successful, but everyone die in his combat group but him. The reason is that he and his group did not have any back up to face this major attack from the enemies. He was the only one survived from that mission, but he did not quit because of this setback.
  Five years later, the war was over. But my grandfather just go back home, he decided to send the remains of his...

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