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My Deaf Child Essay

  • Submitted by: kellielane1
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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I’m imagining myself on the day I give birth, and the doctor walking in after my miracle was born and telling me he or she is deaf. I would be shocked at first, but it’s my baby and I’d adjust to any type of life style for them. Of course I would be extremely upset knowing all the challenges he or she will have to go through, but all I could do would be to stay positive and do whatever I can to help. Right away I would start researching all about deafness; cochlear implants, hearing aids, sign language classes, and what type of schooling would be best for deaf children. I would take sign language classes immediately and start teaching my child as soon as possible. I would learn how to communicate with lights, vibrations, and lip reading as well. No matter what obstacles I would face I would make my child’s life incredible no matter what. I would wait until he or she is old enough to tell me if they would want an implant though. It’s their life and their choice; I would support their decision no matter what! It would be heart breaking to know they are growing up without hearing all the things I hear every day, but life isn’t fair and you have to stay strong for your children. Being able to read lips and communicate in sign language is a talent and I would be so proud of my kid. It would be a family adjustment, but it would be exciting to learn sign language and have it become our second language. Kids out there in today’s world can be cruel and I would be very nervous for my child to get bullied or made fun of because of their minor setback. But there still are great people out there who would help my child have an amazing and normal social life by not judging them and getting to know them! There are also thousands of deaf children out there that he or she will have a lot in common with. No matter what my child would be perfect to me. Being deaf is not a disability in my eyes, it’s almost like its own little culture and I would be a proud parent no matter what the...

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