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My Day Essay

  • Submitted by: islamoo1
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Student Name: milo
Do you have friends or family members who struggle to fit regular physical activity into their busy lifestyles? Influencing the behavior of others in a positive way often helps support our own personal goals. Your goal for this workout log is to influence and support at least one other person to adopt a healthy physical behavior. Maybe you will ask your mom to walk with you three times this week and write her an encouraging note. Maybe you will invite a friend to go on a bike ride and will show him/her how to properly warm up and cool down. Please define a measurable goal that relates to helping someone else improve a specific aspect of his or her physical fitness behavior.

Goal: I aspire to influence and support _______Ala_Alelamat_______________ to reach the goal of ________losing 3 pounds________________ no later than _______04/5/2014_____. I believe that completing this goal will ________Teach her how not to eat junk and start caring and eating healthy things.____.

Example: I aspire to influence and support my mom to reach the goal of walking with me three times no later than April 25, 2014. I believe that completing this goal will help my mom to be more physically active and help to decrease her overall stress.
Reflections: (worth 20 points)

How did you feel at first about the idea of trying to influence someone else in a positive way?
I could always win on that , its my job.
Its so easy and it conforts me , but not always .It depends.
Sometimes it could make me crack up so it dosen`t always confort me.
Describe the person you chose to influence and why you chose to influence this person.
I choose my 13 year old sister she is always a person who is ready to learn or do anything and I can change anything she has in mind in just seconds.
Describe how you supported this person in reaching his or her goal.
She alwasy wanted me to watch her and not let her eat Junk at all.
SO I would force her away from at.
Describe the...

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