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My Chemical Day Essay

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Chemistry is a big part of our everyday lives. We find chemistry in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, our soap, literally every object we can see or touch. It is in the understanding of this “central science” that makes up the world we live in fun and exciting.
My day starts after a restful night’s slumber and taking in a deep breath of a composition of: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water, which we call air. These are the few gases that float invisibly all around, unless we reside in places like Los Angeles, Mexico City or Bangkok where the air is no longer inconspicuous due to pollution. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid polluted air or to remove pollutants from it. But actions, such as cleaner cars and alternative energy sources are slowly making their dent in clearing the skies.
What seems like a half marathon to get myself to the bathroom, I reluctantly turn the cold, shiny chromium plated stainless steel faucet to splash even colder covalent bonds of two hydrogen atoms with an oxygen center on my face. Awakened, my eyes stare at a reflection of a zombie-like image that could pass for the least expensive Halloween costume. As I sleep throughout the night, salivary glands slow down which causes breeding grounds of the anaerobic (without oxygen) sulfur producing bacteria that cause bad breath and taste disorders, thus comes the combination of ingredients, including calcium carbonate, sorbitol, triclosan, sodium flourophosphate, methyl salicylate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and glycerin that gives the mouth a bubble bath of wintery mint cleanliness, also known as toothpaste. In addition, the fluoridation of water supplies is beneficial as the hydroxide ions in the tooth enamel are replaced by fluoride ions, which has been suggested to slow down the growth of bacteria and strengthen the tooth enamel.
Once I put on a change of clothes, I am ready to convert my potential energy stored throughout the night into kinetic energy with...

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