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My Brother Sam Is Dead Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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My Brother Sam is Dead
A Play Written By: Jack Tritan

Narrator: It was June, 1777 and Tim was doing his regular chores and Mrs. Meeker was cleaning the kitchen.
(Knock knock)
Mrs. Meeker: Who can that be? TIM CAN YOU GET THE DOOR!
Tim: OK MOM! (Open the door) DAD! Is that really you?
Mr. Meeker: TIM! (Give Timothy a hug)
Mrs. Meeker: TIM WHO IS THAT! (Walk to the door) ELIPHALET!
Mr. Meeker: SUSANNAH! (Give Mrs. Meeker a hug)
Mrs. Meeker: I thought you were held captive by the cowboys.
Mr. Meeker: I was, but I was taken by the British. They thought I took one of their horses because they said it looked like one of theirs.
Mrs. Meeker: (Gives Mr. Meeker a glass of water)
Mr. Meeker: Thank you. They put me in chains and threw me into cattle. I tried to break free but it was useless. There were other people with me but they were criminals. Also I saw your friend Jerry, Tim.
Timothy: Did he escape?
Mr. Meeker: Sorry Tim, he didn’t. I saw cowboys that were coming your way so I struggled even more, but I couldn’t break free. Did you see any cowboys Tim?
Tim: I did! When I did I ran to the forest and hid myself there. I was lucky because the animals didn’t make any noise. It is like they knew the cowboys were there. After they went ahead I walked home.
Mr. Meeker: Thank the Lord. I knew they were going to put me on a prison ship back Great Britain because all the criminals were talking about it. We were heading to New York. I found a tooth pick, and then picked the lock and I got it. I waited till it was night so I can escape while everyone is sleeping. Later it turned night then I jumped off the cattle. I was able to get back home because I had a lot of money in my pocket just in case. So I used it get back home.
Mrs. Meeker: Honey it is so good to see you again (Give Mr. Meeker a hug and a kiss)
Mr. Meeker: So how is Sam?
Mrs. Meeker: He is starting to come by here to deliver messages.
Mr. Meeker: Great! How is the livestock...

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