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Music's Influence On Mood Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Sydney Hall
Professor Foreman
English 1102
15 March 2012

Nayak, Sangeetha;Wheeler, Barbara L.;Shiflett, Samuel C.;Agostinelli, Sandra
Rehabilitation Psychology, Vol 45(3), Aug 2000, 274-283.

To investigate the efficacy of music therapy techniques as an aid in improving mood and social interaction after traumatic brain injury or stroke. Design: Eighteen individuals with traumatic brain injury or stroke were assigned either standard rehabilitation alone or standard rehabilitation along with music therapy (3 treatments per week for up to 10 treatments). Measures: Pretreatment and posttreatment assessments of participant self-rating of mood, family ratings of mood and social interaction, and therapist rating of mood and participation in therapy. Results: There was a significant improvement in family members' assessment of participants' social interaction in the music therapy group relative to the control group. The staff rated participants in the music therapy group as more actively involved and cooperative in therapy than those in the control group. There was a trend suggesting that self-ratings and family ratings of mood showed greater improvement in the music group than in the control group. Conclusions: Results lend preliminary support to the efficacy of music therapy as a complementary therapy for social functioning and participation in rehabilitation with a trend toward improvement in mood during acute rehabilitation.

Thompson, William Forde, E. Glenn Schellenberg, and Gabriela Husain. "Arousal,
Mood, and the Mozart Effect." Psychological Science 12.3 (2001): 248-51. Print.

The “Mozart effect” refers to claims that people perform better on tests of spatial abilities after listening to music composed by Mozart. We examined whether the Mozart effect is a consequence of between-condition differences in arousal and mood. Participants completed a test of spatial abilities after listening to music or sitting in silence. The music was a Mozart sonata...

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