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Music Busness Nowdays Essay

  • Submitted by: ahfint
  • on March 22, 2012
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Music Business Essay

The music business has known struggle years on this decade. The sales of physics Cds have decreased for instead a growth of the online sales. The birth of Itunes made that the single-mania began. As Donald S. Passman (2011, p. 173) write – “ A digital download, which also called DPD (standing for digital phonorecord delivery), it’s the sale of a record electronically, - instead of purchasing a physical copy, you buy the digital file ” – this involved that the sells of whole albums fell, and the sells of a single of an album grew. As Mark Guarino (2010) wrote   -   “ The key to Apple’s sales strategy for the iPod is ensuring that consumers have access to affordable content via iTunes' 99-cents-per-song price model. ” – nevertheless, what it seems to be a great deal for music industry is instead a tricky hitch to handle. Scott Berinato (2011) wrote   “ Anita Elberse (associate Professor of Business Administration in the Marketing unit at Harvard Business School) estimates that during her study, for every one-percent increase in users who move to online buying of music, there's a six-percent decrease in album sales. Average weekly sales for a "mixed bundle" (an album and its singles sold through all channels) dropped from $15,000 in early 2005 to about $7,000 in early 2007 ”. Then, despite selling lots of songs, record companies are making less than half as much on an album and its songs, because more people have the option to choose the single rather than buying the album to get the single. So the only way the music industry has to mend it is to deal with. Donald S. Passman (2011, p.173) propose a theory on how the music industry react when a new technology emerge and how his behavior compromise affect the contracts with the artists. He states - “ There are predictable patterns that take place every time a new technology hits the record industry.

1st   The records companies scramble to see what their contracts say about these devices. Since...

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