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Music And Work Essay

  • Submitted by: Deuced527
  • on March 23, 2012
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Robert K. Payne II
Mrs. Oliver
Final Draft

“Young man, Take out those earphones! You already know listening to music in class is not permitted!” Have you ever experienced this reprimand? I definitely have. I believe there should be a law that permits students to listen to music in class. Wouldn’t that make things a lot easier for students?
Imagine if you were in class listening to music and out of nowhere your teacher tells you to shut off your music and put it away; without any explanation or reason at all. In response to that, how do you think you would feel? Would you be sad, happy, mad, annoyed, surprised, or relieved? Students today are not permitted to listen to music in class and continue to get penalized for doing it, regardless of their reason and I believe this should change. If a student is listening to music in class I believe there is a logical reason behind it. Music may help them focus, it may block out distracting noises, or maybe listening to music is a way to relieve stress that they might have in school.
It has been proven that when a baby is in the womb and music is played over the mother’s stomach that music soothes and relaxes the child. If music can be used to help a baby in the womb then why can’t it be used in the classroom? If you’re a student who listens to music on a day to day basis or not at all then I’m certain that music affects your life in some way. It’s something that lives in everyone and lives in everything we do. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a rule against listening to it in the classroom.
Some may say it’s a distraction but music actually helps most people concentrate, especially, when they’re in a place like a classroom. Others might think that the student wouldn’t be able to hear the teacher during discussion but all the student would have to do is take one of the earphones out of their ear. They would do the same thing even if they are called upon by the teacher as well. No matter what the case...

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