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Music Essay

  • Submitted by: baller24
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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One of my favorite things on this planet is music. I enjoy playing it, watching it, and above all just hearing the sound and melody of it. I listen to music whenever and however I can, whether its walking to school or playing it in my car; I always have the erg to embrace myself in the beauty of music. I have grown such a love for music it has an occasional tendency of showing up in my vocabulary, and for the most part my conversations.
When I do tend to speak of music I get a surprising response almost every time I bring it up. People contradict and judge my taste of music most of the time; I will be lucky to share the same interest with someone. Even my friends have different taste and styles than me. I have noticed this contradiction within people of my age group, age before me, and ages below me.
When I put all of these demographics together it really shows me how much diversity in the world of music there truly exist. There are so many style and genres of music out there that it is seemingly impossible to find someone with the exact same musical taste as you. Even those who are my closest friends can’t see eye to eye with my musical taste. Although the taste in music gradually changes over time, people will always have different tastes in music than others. Music is too broad to have to stand for any kind of conformity.
I believe there is only one group that decides if a type of music is great. That is the listener it pertains to, in other words whoever likes the music. There are so many musicians, as well as listeners out there that have different musical taste that if one person likes and the other person dislikes, it doesn’t necessarily make the artist bad, nor horrible. It is all in taste and preference. In my eyes music is beautiful and in my mind I believe music is in the eye of the beholder.
Although the taste in music dose change over time just as anything else, doesn’t mean the piece of music that is out dated didn’t serve its purpose. Music...

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