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Musgrave Supply Chain Essay

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For this report I have researched the Musgrave Group, to examine their supply chain and identify its success and failures. A company’s supply chain “is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer”. (Wikipedia 2011) The larger the company or organisation is, the more complex the chain will be. But put simply it is the supply of goods, products or services along the supply chain and the exchange or return of information back along the chain.

I have chosen to research the Musgrave Group as they are an extremely large, indigenous Irish organisation who has invested heavily in their supply chain in the last decade. What makes this even more interesting, in my opinion, is they are in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry, which does exactly what is says; sells fast moving consumer goods. The Musgrave group needs to transport extremely large quantities of goods every-day, and their retailers depend on their supply chain being efficient and effective so they can cater for their customers’ needs.
In 2004 they launched Musgrave Simplifies Retail to deal with the challenges they were facing such as the inflexibility of their existing system and the need for manual sales data entry. Through “Musgrave Simplifies Retail”, the organisation has made many technological additions to their supply chain including voice picking technology, but they have also employed a Supply Chain Direct, Scott Wharton, who has transformed their supply chain.
In this report, I will endeavour to give a clear and informative profile of the Musgrave Group. I will describe their supply chain in detail, including the new technologies they have implemented. I will then point to the success and failures of their system. I finally I will conclude with my insights from my research.
Company Profile
The Musgrave Group is an indigenous Irish company, set up in County Cork in...

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