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Multiple Intelligences Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Gardner (1983) identified seven distinct intelligences. The differences between the intelligences challenge an educational system that assumes that everyone can learn the same materials in the same way and that a uniform, universal measure suffices to test student learning. Over time more and more research has gone into multiple intelligences and another two branches have been added. All human beings have these intelligences. These multiple intelligences can be nurtured and strengthened, or ignored and weakened.

Multiple intelligences explained

Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence -- Verbal/Linguistic intelligence refers to an individual's ability to understand and manipulate words and languages. Everyone is thought to possess this intelligence at some level. This includes reading, writing, speaking, and other forms of verbal and written communication. People with strong rhetorical and oratory skills such as poets, authors, and attorneys exhibit strong linguistic intelligence.
Mathematical-Logical Intelligence -- Logical/Mathematical intelligence refers to an individual's ability to do things with data: collect, and organize, analyze and interpret, conclude and predict. Individuals strong in this intelligence see patterns and relationships. These individuals are oriented toward thinking: inductive and deductive logic, numeration, and abstract patterns. They would be a contemplative problem solver; one who likes to play strategy games and to solve mathematical problems. Being strong in this intelligence often implies great scientific ability.
Musical Intelligence -- Musical intelligence refers to the ability to understand, create, and interpret musical pitches, timbre, rhythm, and tones and the capability to compose music.
Visual-Spatial Intelligence -- Visual/Spatial intelligence refers to the ability to form and manipulate a mental model. Individuals with strength in this area depend on visual thinking and are very imaginative. People with this kind of...

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