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Multidisciplinary Working Essay

  • Submitted by: meganmuston
  • on April 16, 2015
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Multidisciplinary working


    • Easy to share information and concerns (Children Act)
    • Staff are able to check that client is giving consistent information – important in Child Protection cases.
    • Staff may all work in one building – easy to share information
    • Each professional can bring a different type of expertise
    • Clients can see more than one professional at an appointment. This saves patients time and cost of travel
    • Clients more likely to turn up for appointments if they are seeing more staff at the same time
    • Clients have a single point of contact (one telephone number) and important information can be shared quickly and efficiently
    • The service may be well known and accept referrals from a wide range of agencies.
    • Once the service is aware of a patient they can refer amongst themselves as appropriate.
    • Other agencies will be aware of the service and more likely to refer.
    • One member of the team will complete a “Common assessment procedure”. This will record basic information such as name, address, name of GP, previous illnesses, medication etc. This information can be shared by each professional in the team. This reduces duplication of work and saves time
    • Staff can learn from each other and understand each others roles
    • Each member can help the client but can refer easily to other members of the team for additional help
    • The team may operate in a friendly atmosphere where staff are able to seek help and support from each other.
    • It is easy to find out what involvement and therapy each professional is offering. This can reduce the chance of conflicting advice being given
    • Service users feel happier if all staff are working together and giving consistent advice
    • Problems may be identified sooner
    • Better use of resources such as interpreters who can be present when client seen by diverse range of staff
    • Better set up – activities, toys...

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