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Multicultural Team Essay

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It is known that the efficiency of work of the team is affected by many factors: professionalism of its members, their psychological compatibility with each other, the optimal delegation of roles, as well as cultural composition. There is no doubt that the multinational groups have a special character, and it is rather hard to build and manage their work. Even if the team is made of professionals who can work together for the overall result, national and ethnic differences will be manifested in the values, attitudes, styles, standards of work.

In order to avoid serious problems in multinational teams it is necessary to focus on the following components of effective work:

to take the maximum from individual differences within the team (personal qualities, education, skills, experience, age and gender, cultural and national characteristics);
to build relationships within the team, looking for a synergistic effect;
to create favorable environment for each team member, so he feel comfortable and could work effectively.
To form a team of different nationalities, it is necessary:

first, to know the language and culture of each member;
secondly, to get specific recommendations on national peculiarities of business conduct, behavior, decision making of employees;
third, to develop and implement a system of adaptive measures aimed at teaching the staff to work together.

Ethnic diversities in approaches and standards of work, as well as values, attitudes and habits, can cause confusion among the staff and prevent effective work of multinational team. Often, these difficulties take place not only in communication, but also in motivation and rewarding employees of different cultures. That is why managers, involved in the management of multicultural teams, must work hard to direct the development team to work with a clear division of roles and responsibilities. He must work out the rules of social interaction between team members, must ensure that the work of...

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