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Multicultural Education Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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EDU-230 Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
Melissa Leemaster

Module 3: Journal
This week’s module focused on more multicultural education, but emphasized the needs of a diverse education in the classroom. Chapter five explained the needs and broke them down so that each one was understandable. For example, the needs are:
1. Origins and immigration
2. Shared culture, values, and symbols
3. Ethnic identity and sense of peoplehood
4. Perspectives, worldviews, and frames of reference
5. Ethnic institutions and self-determination
6. Demographic, social, political, and economic status
7. Prejudice, discrimination, and racism
8. Intraethnic diversity
9. Assimilation and acculturation
10. Revolution
11. Knowledge construction
Each one of the Key Concepts to Guide the Study of Ethnic and Cultural Groups listed above are explained and broken down to ensure the reader understands why the needs are so important when it comes to multicultural education. I believe that prejudice, discrimination, and racism are the most important needs of diverse students because this is an offshoot for everything else. If this was eradicated then there really would not be any need for multicultural education because everybody would accept everyone on all levels; race, color, religion, socioeconomic status, age, etc…
It is important to understand the needs of diverse students so that the teacher can relate more to the students. This allows the teacher to present a subject or topic so that they can reach the ultimate goal of having the student be able to learn and gain knowledge not for just school but after graduation. When these needs are addressed then the students can achieve in areas that they once might have struggled. This multicultural education in the classroom helps the students learn and the teachers teach.

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