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Mr 4rhg Essay

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Persuasive Piece
The justice symbol presents a lady wearing a blindfold and holding scales demonstrating that everyone is equal before the law. It suggests that there are no favourites before the law and that all evidence will be heard before making a decision, indicating that race, money, power or weakness will have no influence on deciding whether or not a person is guilty. Palm Island was established in 1914. The living conditions on Palm Island are very poor. The Police on Palm Island are all Caucasian and treat aboriginals with no respect, usually punishing them for very small offenses and do not stand for any excuses. It is clear that there is a racial barrier on Palm Island and that indigenous Australians are treated in justly. Even the courts treat them with no respect barely listening to their defences.
Author Chloe Hooper’s book entitled The Tall Man tells us the story of a man named Cameron Doomadgee who died on Palm Island at the age of 36. It is apparent that Doomadgee died one hour after he was arrested by a police officer for causing a public nuisance. Cameron had allegedly died because he had fallen down some steps. Nevertheless, soon found evidence indicated that he had suffered from four broken ribs which had ruptured his liver and spleen, had a bruised jaw and a bruised forehead. This evidence made it seem doubtful that Cameron died from a fall down some concrete steps. Doomadgee’s severe injuries instead suggested that his death was the act of cold-blooded murder. After the incident, several public meetings were held on the Island as a result of the anger rising in the community following Cameron Doomadgee’s death. Young and furious Aboriginal men spoke to the crowd encouraging them that immediate action must be taken against the police. A crowd then headed for the police station, and the local courthouse. Hurley's home and the police barracks were burned down.
The action taken from the aboriginals towards the police were not only for...

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