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Movie Review

  • Submitted by: uzafia92
  • on April 17, 2015
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Professor Elise Forier
December 16th, 2014


      The movie Equalizer was directed by Antonine Fuqua, the movie was based on the character name Bob McCall who was an ex-military and former government special agent skills. The character was played Denzel Washington. Bob, who gave up his work, was an average working man who worked at home depot. Being an insomniac, Bob stays out late each night at the bridge Diner in Boston to read books. A regular late night visitor, Alina, an aspiring singer but a prostitute in reality occasionally trades small talk. When she doesn’t show up one evening, Bob is informed that she’s in the ICU, having been badly beaten by her pimp. Witnessing a gross injustice and unable to sit idly, bob is draw back to his dark, violent world, filled with criminals and killers.
      The Equalizer is gripping, mysterious and even sometimes moving, but the never pleasant, still less fun. Taking situations of inherent gut-level impact and exploiting them for every bit of emotion and tension, it could never have been a great movie. The director Antonine Fuqua has ditched almost everything related to the TV series excepts the title, the main character’s name and the bare bones premise. Even the theme song is gone. For all intents and purpose, the movie isn’t so much reboot as it is an entirely new entity.
  The graphic and the theme was epic. I liked how in this movie the graphic was so realistic. The shooting, cutting, overall the whole action part, it actually felt. I felt like I was actually watching all this happen in real life. The moment, when he entered the restaurant and started killing the people. Usually when you see a action film you see unnecessarily action scene . In this movie I didn’t think there was anything extra. When it came to music they choice suitable song. It matched the theme of the movie and it also promoted the album. Denzel Washington who’s an...

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