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Mountain Lion Essay

  • Submitted by: bdpatel1993
  • on March 23, 2012
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Mountain Lions are solitary and very powerful animals. It’s generally known as a cougar, a panther or a puma. The mountain lion is only found in the western hemisphere and resides around the Americas. Colorado is prime residence for most of the mountain lions. The Mountain Lion is a mammal of the family, Felidae and it is also native to the Americas. The mountain lion’s life cycle is consisted of three remarkable stages of kit, adolescence, and adulthood.
The first part of a mountain lion’s life is its kit phase. The female mountain lion will usually give birth to an average of two to three young, called kittens in a very secluded place where there is little to no interaction with other dangerous animals. Newly born kittens are about one foot long, weigh one pound with blackish-brown spots around their body (“Living with Wildlife in Lion Country”). They start to peek out of the den as their eyes open after three weeks while the female is on hunting for food. They become fully aware and playful after their eyes are opened. They are generally dependent on their mother for the milk (Crewe 5-6).
The next part of a mountain lion’s life is its adolescence. It starts when the kitten is around six to eight weeks old and weaning also occurs at the same time. The young kitten starts to learn hunting and preying skills from the mother (“Living with Wildlife in Lion Country”). Young kitten starts spending more time outside the den by playing and exploring. Young kitten also learn about stalking and different types of prey by chasing other kittens and climbing trees.   Young kitten mature most of their hunting skills by the time kitten is eight months old. Young kitten also starts to hunt along with its mother (Crewe 8-9).
The final and most important part of mountain lion’s life is its adulthood. Young kitten become an adult mountain lion by developing necessary hunting skills. The adult lion starts to leave its mother after twelve to eighteen months. It develops a full...

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