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Mountain Gorilla Essay

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Proposed species: Mountain gorilla

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What is a mountain gorilla and are they endangered?

The mountain gorilla is one of the four types of gorillas. Gorillas are linked back to great apes, which are the closest living thing relative to humans. The mountain gorilla is the largest of all the gorillas and is classified as endangered on the basis of its reduction to its population size. There are only roughly 700 gorillas in the world today and can only be found alive in three countries of Central Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. The mountain Gorilla is apart of the single species categorized as the “Gorilla gorilla”. However, “the eastern population of the gorilla population has become known as a single species.

Are Mountain Gorillas valuable in ecosystems and the rest of the world?

The Mountain gorilla is a valuable necessity to the issues of human health and agricultural issues. There have been numerous conservation efforts since 1973 to save the population of gorillas from dying out. This includes the CITES international treaty, IUCN/The World Conservation Union, and the Great Ape Conservation Act HR 4320 passed by U.S congress. In 2009, UC Davis launched a new "One Health" program to conserve the world's remaining gorillas and surrounding habitat in an effort to save human, animal and environmental health that linked with not only their own but also ecosystems around the world.

The mountain gorilla does little to no harm to its native ecosystem and crops. Over half of the world’s mountain gorillas can be found either in the high levels of elevation of the Virunga chain of volcanoes or the Uganda’s Bwindi Forest where they do not disturb or cause danger to their surrounding. Mountain gorillas also need little to maintain their healthy intake, as they feed on leaves, stems, pith, and shoots of herbaceous vegetation. There s no high demand for food resources, so there is...

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