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Mountain Due Case Essay

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James Brown
Mountain Dew Case

#1 What changes in the environment provided the opportunity for the Dewmocracy approach?

The opportunities that created the environment was a new wave of marketing normal TV ads and news papers and magazines were not being as affective. So with the millennium wave, dewmocracy starting using internet and especially social media such as blogs, twitter, facebook, MySpace etc. Mountain Dew decided to focus on the customers they already had and harnesses their passion for mountain dew.

#2 Which of the promotional elements described in Figure 17-2 were used by Mountain Dew in its Dewmocracy 2 campaign? Explain your answer.

The promotional elements that were used in the Dewmocracy 2 campaign are advertising, sales promotion and direct marketing. The reason why I say advertising because mountain dew is trying to reach the mass which is efficient for a large amounts of people. Every time they market a product they advertise. It was also sales promotion because the campaign very flexible and for the mass. The customers felt comfortable in their social media and online on the dewocracy websites chatting. It was also direct marketing because it was used over the computer and people were creating mountain dew twitter accounts to vote for their favorite drink. Also making videos of testing things which goes to the customization part the customer was able to choose the drink that they thought was the best.

#3 What are some of the different ways Mountain Dew can assess the success of its campaign? Be specific using information you have learned from the textbook. Note that the Grade Center on Blackboard has these cases listed. 

Mountain Dew can definitely asses the success of their campaign first just by looking at their market sales. Using their variable cost, fixed cost and so forth. Also they can assess their success by the market testing they did they went by they went by the new product process which increased their...

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