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Motorcycle Essay

  • Submitted by: CarolKemble
  • on August 19, 2015
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Motor Cycle, well what do I mean by that? I surely can assure you that it is not a two wheeled machine with a fire breathing engine strapped to it. What I mean by a "Motor Cycle" is as follows. A engine/motor as I and most knowledgeable others in that area know that every type of engine has its cycle. Whether it be a one, two, three, four, or even five cycle engine. Well what if I were to tell you that their is another "cycle" within the engines cycle. A cycle in which I refer to as a "tri-cycle", but that is just a detail. Lets take a four cycle engine for simplicity. A four cycle engine obviously has four cycles, that is non-negotiable. The first cycle is the Intake cycle, the second is compression, the third is the power stroke, and the fourth is the exhaust.
The intake cycle. In an engine, there are valves that open and close just like the valves in your heart or something that we can easily relate to is when you turn the valve for a garden hose counter-clockwise. Within the engine, their are both intake and exhaust valves. The intake valves as you may have intuitively guessed have something to do with the intake cycle, which indeed they do. In the first stage, the intake valve(s) open(s), allowing a mixture of oxygen and fuel (gasoline) to rush in and envelope the area of the cylinder. The cylinder is a cylindrical casing (also known as the combustion chamber) that houses the piston; an object with a flat circular top that slides up and down the cylinder (make a fist and put other hand around arm, move up and down, say no pun implied). To give you an even better visualization of what I mean, think of a syringe and how you can push and pull the plunger up and down inside of the cylinder/barrel. This visualization epitomizes the idea that I am trying to convey quite beautifully.
Now that we have established a basic understanding of an engine and its inner-workings, let us commence to the second cycle; compression. Compression is a cycle that...

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