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Montesquieu Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Montesquieu was the first great french man associated with enlightenment.   He prescribed universal and specific laws to society and its government.   He felt the best government was embodied in the New English constitution as well as supported the separation of powers.   Montesquieu introduced many different topics to the French revolution and influenced much of the United States Constitution of today.   Some of those topics included checks and balances, separation of powers and direct democracy.   Montesquieu had a different idea than what the monarchy had established, questioning the monarchy could put him in prison but he did it anyway. He believed he had rights and he knew he could start a revolution.
Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu was born January 18,1689.   Montesquieu’s mother was Marie Françoise de Pesnel, she died in 1696.   Many people today would be surprised by how little education Montesquieu actually had because of how he is known today, a well known philosopher.   He was sent to a school in paris in 1700, along with his two orphan cousins, where he was taught a basic French education.   In 1705 he returned home to Bordeaux where he then studied law at the request of his uncle who had promised him his title and fortune after his death.   Montesquieu was a member of many parliaments throughout his journey in life.   In 1708 Montesquieu was admitted as a councilor of parliament of Guyenne.   After the death of his father in 1713 he was then admitted into the parliament of Bordeaux.   He later married Jeanne de Latrigue.   Jeanne was a Calvinist and brought Montesquieu a substantial dowry.
Montesquieu believed in three different types of government; Republican, Monarchical and Despotic.   Small population makes it easier to manage the government based on representation of the people; no wealth meant no temptation to seek self-interest on the part of those in the republican government.   Bigger countries have a larger and more diverse population, and require...

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