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Mongolian Ccot Essay

  • Submitted by: FelixBanks1
  • on August 17, 2015
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Many people believe that the Mongolians were barbaric people of the 13th century, yet the Mongolians were a peaceful people for long periods of time. While the Mongolians did have their share of good times, their barbaric nature was more dramatic and outweighed their good side.
With the Mongols having few warriors in the beginning, they had to develop an extraordinary army, complete with top notch battle plans and a set understanding of where they wanted to dominate. Their army greatly revolved around loyalty, not only to the khan, but also to each member of the army and to themselves. They believed that there should be ranks within their army and that one man should always hold supreme ruling over someone else or another group. If one or more people, while within a group of ten, deserts from the battlefield, every member is executed unless they flee as well. Likewise, if one or more go forward to fight, the rest are to be put to death if they do not accompany his bravery. This was to enforce loyalty within the forces and keep the people fighting for the good of the Mongolian Empire (Doc 2). With a large army, tactics were a necessity to move the troops and fight effectively, which is just what the Mongols created. Before any fighting happened, they would draw up battle lines to know where the battle would be taking place. Neither the chiefs nor the princes would take part within the fighting, but instead they would stand away from the enemy, with their children and women on horses. To further help distract the enemy, occasionally they would create replicas of men and put them upon women. They would do this to make the enemy believe that a great crowd of fighting men was assembled and ready to fight. (Doc. 3) With a large army and grand battle tactics, come large sums of land under control. Genghis Khan (1162-1227) would be the ruler to conquer as much as 4,860,000 square miles (12587342.2 square kilometers) of land. That’s more than x2 the amount that Alexander...

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