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Modern Industries Ltd Essay

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Case Study
Modern Industries Ltd. (MIL)

Question a: Where did the Things go wrong?
Ans: Mr. Rakesh Sharma is a good and hard working employee and he has been employed as a trainee against a project vacancy in the Paints application department in MIL but he has a very few interest areas which has created problems for the training manager that in which sectors he should be trained which results that Mr. Sharma was keep working or say trained in the same department as a trainee and he get frustrated as he was getting a very small amount of Stephan by working like a regular employee.
The second problem is with the Training manager that he can’t go against the norms of the company and put him as a regular employee before one year.

Question b: What options are open for the Training Manager other than termination of Mr. Sharma?
Ans:   The option that the Manager have for Mr. Sharma other than termination is to place him as a regular employee after three quarters and if he faces argues from the shop manager then he may say that he is giving a last chance to Mr. Sharma as he is a good and Hard worker and has   performed very well in the first and second quarters in the same place.
And he should also warn Mr. Sharma that this is his last chance and if he will not perform well then he might be terminated from the job.

Question c: How could you put Mr. Sharma back on the right track?
Ans: Mr. Sharma has the problem that he is working like a regular employee and is paid like a trainee so being the training manager I would convince him that he would be rewarded for his good performance and this condition and pressure would make him better for his specialization.
I would try to convince him that if he behave properly and complete his training without creating problems for the shop manager and for the company .I will request the company to give some additional alliances to him for his performance and hard work.

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