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Modern Day Challenges In Immigration Essay

  • Submitted by: ceken1249
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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CheckPoint: Modern Challenges in Immigrations
Week 3

In today’s day and age I do not think that government policy should favor any specific type of immigrant. With that being said, what I do think is that if a person of any background is in danger by staying in their country then they should be given priority. I also think that if someone is truly needy or oppressed and they would be better off in America they too should be given preference over someone that just has a lot of money. When it comes to the most talented people I think that they should get priority if they are coming to the United States make it better in some way. Like if coming here to further their education will help them   go to work on some major issue like coming up with a medical cure or create something we really need for our armed forces. I don’t think that being rich should be a reason to be given a preference. We already have so many rich people here and our economy is still in the toilet, pardon my language.   Being rich doesn’t make you more special than the next person. That is my opinion and I know there are a lot of people who would disagree with me. Some of the reasons that I think a application from certain countries should be given a priority would be if there was a natural disaster or some kind of war that made people homeless or go hungry. I don’t want this to sound mean but we have so many problems here right now that I think it needs to be a serious reason to give someone special treatment.

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