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Mocdonald's Essay

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| Trends | Past performance |
Product OR service | Current | Previous | Records | Other |
McDonald's | McDonald's have a big problem worldwide, about hygiene, or just food quality, specially now, everyone want to eat healthy. McDonald's create "creat your taste" to bring back the consumers lost years ago. | Mcdonald's start with only one burger stall in 1948, the fast-food chain’s focus on quick service and a diversified menu has helped it to grow to more than 35,000 around the world. | Problems with business, specially in Asia: expired and contaminated chicken and beef.   customers have reported finding bits of plastic and even a tooth in their food ... | |

Question 2: Select a product or service you are familiar with or have consumed in the past.
Your task is to review its past marketing efforts and answer the following questions below:
How was the product or service marketed to you?.
McDonald's have always been a place to be in family, sharing fast food, soda, ... when we were kids. "Come as you are" it say in France. On the advertising, burgers, fries and everything they can sale looks definitely better than what we found when we used to open the food box. We knew McDonald's was not like the pictures, but we liked going there sometimes because .. McDonald's.
But since couple of years, we can definitely feel the difference for the food, size of the steaks for example. Feeling bad after a meal ... This is sure, McDonald's changed.

Define the product or service’s positioning strategy.
McDonald's Positioning strategy for me will be, they focus on kids via Roland McDonald, Happy Meal ... Family, via "I'm loving it" brand strategy. And now, specially now, with the "Creat your taste" health and Wellness campaign. Introduces fresh food in their customies menus.
They also sponsoring international sports events as Olympics or World Cup ... And established the Hellenic World foundation for childrens.

Did the product or service meet your expectations?...

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