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Mngt 463 Essay

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Toan Huynh
March 31, 2014
MNGT 463

Chapter 14: Shaping Culture and Values
Organizational Culture
1. What is culture?
Culture is the set of key values, assumptions, understanding, and norms that is shared by members of an organization and taught to new members as correct.
Norms are shared standards that define what behaviors are acceptable and desirable within a group of people.
There are three levels of corporate culture which are
  * Artifacts, such as dress, office layout, symbols, slogans, ceremonies.
  * Expressed values, such as “The Penney Idea”, “The HP Way”.
  * Underlying assumptions and deep beliefs, such as “people here are about one anther like a family”
Some values become so deeply embedded in a culture that organizational members may not be consciously aware them. According to John Lewis, a successful retailer in Great Britain, underlying assumptions are the essence of the culture that include:
      * The company cares about its employees as much as it expects them to care about customers
      * Individual employees should think for themselves and do what they believe is right to provide exceptional customer service.
      * Trust and honesty are an essential part of successful business relationship.
2. Important of culture
Culture serves two important functions in organizations
      * It integrates members so that they know how to relate to one another.
      * It helps the organization adapt to the external environment.
Internal Integration means that culture helps members develop a collective identity and know how to work together effectively.
External Adaptation means that culture also determines how the organization meets goal and deals with outsiders.
3. Reading “In The Lead”   John Chabers, Cisco Systems
To understand more about the culture in organization I read “in the lead” and find out that Cisco Systems is changing their organization from “cowboy culture” which is the compete with each other for power,...

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