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Miss Emilly Rogerian Essay

  • Submitted by: sydmiller13
  • on April 2, 2014
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Rogerian Argument essay
Miss Emily, in the story “A rose for Emily” by William Faulkner is the only person remaining in the rich and all mighty Grierson family. After her father dies, Emily’s whole life is forced to change as well as the town’s view of her. As a result she does not marry and keeps to herself for years at a time. The story stretches over Miss Emily’s whole life, and the townspeople continue to focus on the many mysterious encounters happening throughout her life time. When she dies at the end of the story, it is revealed that she has poisoned her past lover Homer, and slept next to the body for almost 40 years. The town’s gossip continues as it has for all of Emily’s life, and they are left to figure out if Miss Emily was a victim, criminal, or lunatic.
Some of the town chooses to believe that Emily is a crazed lunatic. They believed that she showed misanthropic yet feeble behaviors that led people to believe she was following in her crazed aunt’s footsteps. Her great aunt had been showing signs of mental derangement and the town’s people found that since it was hereditary she could have it leading them to say “even with insanity in the family” (Pg.2). Many townspeople said “she had gone completely crazy at last” referring to Miss Emily and that had folks had begun to feel bad for her because of it (Pg. 2). More evidence that led the general public to believe Miss Emily was a lunatic was that she slept with a dead man. After Miss Emily had died they recovered Homers body and discovered a fresh hair on the pillow next to his that suggested she had been sleeping with the dead body all along. Some residents of the town believed she was a lunatic because she had crazy in her bloodline, slept with a dead man and stayed in her house for multiple years at a time. Although this view may be acceptable she is defiantly able to be seen more as a victim.
Others in the town chose to view Miss Emily as a cold blooded killer. Planning the murder and...

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