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Miss Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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The Woman in Black – Past Exam Questions.
January 2011 EITHER 0 7 How does Hill create a sense of isolation in the novel? (30 marks) OR 0 8 Hill writes that setting is ‘so important’ in a ghost story. How does Hill present the setting of Eel Marsh House and why do you think it is important? (30 marks June 2011


0 7 In Chapter 3, The Journey North, how does Hill’s description of the train journey from London to Crythin Gifford prepare the reader for what is to come in the novel?

(30 marks)

0 8 How do you respond to Hill’s presentation of the woman in black in the novel?

(30 marks)

January 2012 0 7 Read the passage below from The Woman in Black and then answer the question that follows. “It was a Monday afternoon in November and already growing dark, not because of the lateness of the hour - it was barely three o’clock - but because of the fog, the thickest of London pea-soupers, which had hemmed us in on all sides since dawn – if, indeed, there had been a dawn, for the fog had scarcely allowed any daylight to penetrate the foul gloom of the atmosphere. Fog was outdoors, hanging over the river, creeping in and out of alleyways and passages, swirling thickly between the bare trees of all the parks and gardens of the city, and indoors, too, seething through cracks and crannies like sour breath, gaining a sly entrance at every opening of a door. It was a yellow fog, a fi lthy, evilsmelling fog, a fog that choked and blinded, smeared and stained. Groping their way blindly across roads, men and women took their lives in their hands, stumbling along the pavements, they clutched at railings and at one another, for guidance. Sounds were deadened, shapes blurred. It was a fog that had come three days before, and did not seem inclined to go away and it had, I suppose, the quality of all such fogs – it was menacing and sinister, disguising the familiar world and confusing www.purplehobbit.co.uk Page 1

the people in it, as they were confused by having their eyes...

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