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Miss Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Task 3 Speech language and communication delay (4.1 4.2)
Question A
The early years is a critical period for Jamies development as his brain is still growing therefore early identification of speech and language difficulties is absolutely essential. The sooner Jamies needs can be identified the greater chance there is to make sure he has the correct support so that he doesn't get left behind. Most importantly for Jamie's speech, language and communication which in turn underpin so many other areas of his development. He may find it hard to control his behaviour and play with other children this will result in him feeling isolated and frustrated. Language is linked to the development of literacy. Children who have poor speech will find it difficult to understand the link between sounds and letter shapes so reading could be delayed. Writing will also be affected. Finding ways to help Jamie communicate will help his self esteem and help prevent him from antisocial behaviours.

The importance is, the sooner it is diagnosed, the more chance there is putting it right as it will affect later academic results and also has an impact on child's ability to sociolise with his peers and overall behaviour. Multi-agency: school can refer to SENCO who refers to speech therapy who then report back to school. A doctor can become involved through the speech therapist if they think the problem is more medical. Some children have problems communicating because of medical conditions, others because of poor communication within the home setting. It is important to identify speech or language delays or disorders as early as possible so that therapy can be started to help the child with whatever speech or language problem they have. It is also possible that young children can ‘unlearn’ inappropriate behaviour patters such as aggression or reluctance to communicate. Early identification is important for the child’s well being as the earlier the problem is identified, potentially the easier...

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