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Best Practices in Global Human Resource Management
With the emergence of new technologies and growth in the global market place, the role of the human resource manager is also changing and evolving. There is tremendous opportunity for a large contribution to the company’s success. These are a few best practices that can help a global HR manager to be a major contributor.
  1. Encourage employees with the unexpected.

Statistics show that happy employees are more productive and stay longer with a company. Benefits, compensation, and work/life balance are the most important factors in overall job satisfaction.

  2. Create a safe workplace.

Though it may sound simple, creating a safe working environment can be quite a challenge. It includes preventing workplace accidents, preventing violence in the workplace, etc. This can be done by posting a policy and forming a dedicated management team to track incidents and act consistently in preventing violence at the workplace.

  3. Appoint the right candidate.

In global human resource management, hiring the right person is vital.
For effective and efficient hiring, it is necessary to develop a hiring strategy and establish what you are looking for in a candidate. By adopting the appropriate hiring tools, like a placement agency, newspaper or even campus recruitment, you can zero in on the right employee.

  4. Create an ethical workplace.

Creating an ethical workplace is not just the right thing to do, but also the legal thing to do. To ensure an ethical workplace it is necessary to establish a code of ethics. Develop this code by asking for employee input and looking at what other companies have done. Many companies have had great success developing and implementing a strong code of ethics.

  5. Conquer your compliance challenges.

HR management laws are constantly changing, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in complex ways. It is necessary to be up to date on:
  * USERRA regulations...

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