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Miss Essay

  • Submitted by: ashleighrowe
  • on March 22, 2012
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A comparative study of future worlds represented in the texts brings to the fore ideas about power and individual freedom.
The texts 1984 and The Matrix depict a future world which foreshadows total control
enforced over the citizens in each world, in a comparison to society and the reality of their
possibility to occur. Each text comments on the dehumanisation and loss of individual
freedom which results from the quest for power, typical to dystopian fiction. George Orwell,
the Author of ‘1984’ draws upon his political experiences and the detrimental effects on the
global population after delegations of political control over society. Such as by the infamous
Adolf Hitler and the holocaust. ‘1984’ embodies the greed for power politically by setting
this worlds society under the thumb of a totalitarian government, whose mechanisms of
control are enforced solely to fit its own regime. In contrast the film ‘Matrix’ was created in
the boom of new age technology, only 50 years ahead of ‘1984’, by the Wachowski brothers
Larry and Andy. The film portrays a system of power through the immersion of individuals
within a computer network to the extent of complete loss of individual freedom. This is
metaphoric of societies increasing dependency on technology. The message of these texts
are conveyed by following the protagonists of the story Neo (matrix) and Winston (1984),
whom embark on a quest for knowledge in order to portray a system of power which holds
complete control over humanity. ‘1984’ and ‘Matrix’ engage their audience to question
power and freedom of their world and reflect on what it will become in the future in respect
of the idea’s addressed.

The novel ‘1984’ explores the techniques used by totalitarian governments in their rise to
power and embodies the total range of control which may be inflicted on its citizens as a
result. Contextual links play a major role in validating the illusion created for the audience in

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